Baby Photography That Captures Authentic Portraits – Go With a Stunning Yet Simple Photoshoot at Orpico

One thing you can’t delay is baby portraits. From the moment your little one arrives, you need to capture their first responses to the bright new world around them. They’ll surely be candid photos taken by your phone or personal camera, but don’t neglect the profoundness of having a professional baby photoshoot at a studio such as Orpico.

We see more than just your baby. We see a unique individual who exudes so much, and we can bring that out with our artist’s eye. What appears as an ordinary picture of a newborn baby sleeping peacefully or a baby smiling face forward, we make extraordinary through our ability to tell a story with photography.

Located in Artarmon NSW, our professionally built studio is perfect for babies and families due to our home environment that’s simple, clean, airy, and altogether comfortable. Apart from how our space will make you and your child feel, we use only the latest technology to deliver portraits that are top of the line.

Book a photoshoot with us when it’s convenient for you. We’re flexible in adjusting to your irregular schedule because we understand that when it comes to babies, anything can cause plans to change at a moment’s notice. Rest easy knowing that we’re reliable and embrace diversity. In the end, we’re creative photographers who love bringing out the individuality of every client.

How Our Personal Aesthetic Captures the True Splendour of Baby Photography

What makes us stand out from the rest is our focus on simplicity. We invest in using solid backdrops for our photography because we believe not only does it create timeless results that never go out of style, but it helps to isolate objects and people thus setting the attention on them.

You want this because you want to remember the essence of your baby. A simple smile means so much more when nothing distracts from it. Even laughter in black and white or vintage lighting can say a lot. View our portfolio to see what we mean.

Our Products Display Your Precious Photos in Its Finest Light

After we’ve captured your baby’s most stunning photos, consider displaying them in modern yet timeless and sturdy frames. Our glassless frame is ideal if you want to avoid glare or reflection. What you’ll get are photos with clarity and depth. Don’t worry about potential damage to your photos. Pictures with this style of frame have an invisible coating to shield off dust and moisture.

Other options are framed canvas and crystal plaques. For our framed canvas, your image will be on a high quality polycotton hand stretched canvas with a protective coating. Framed in solid wood, you can choose between black, white or espresso colours.

With the crystal plague, your lustre photo will be between immaculate hard glass that’s a one-piece construction. Designed for tabletops, you can display your photos easily at work or take them with you during travel.

Contact us today to book an appointment and capture precious times that won’t repeat. Let us help you create something you can hold on to throughout your life.

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