Finding the Portrait Studio for You in Sydney North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Artarmon

When you want to find a portrait studio that will be able to provide you with what you need there are a few considerations those in the know rely on to make the most appropriate selection. In this article, we want to review those recommendations.

Six Elements to Consider When Looking for a Portrait Studio near Sydney North Shore

  1. Personality and Area of Focus: When you start searching for a photographer to help create your family portraits it helps if you find a character that matches yours. If it’s work photos you need, see someone who focuses on that, should your need be family portraits, find a studio that can show a portfolio in this area. Is the studio of your choice comfortable working with children? How kid-friendly is the premises?
  2. Quality: One cannot overemphasise the importance of quality images and prints. Since you are taking the time to have professional pictures taken, make it count. You can ask to see a portfolio of previous work so you have an idea of the studio’s style.
  3. Outdoors vs Studio: At Orpico we prefer a portrait studio near Sydney Northern Beaches which is pre-set-up with the perfect lighting and technical equipment to deliver outstanding results every time. A neutral background allows the subject of the portrait to stand out.
  4. What to expect: When you have professional pictures taken you don’t need any surprises. Take the time to discuss how the session will work, what the costs will be and what any additional prints you may want will set you back. What should you bring to your booking? Will they have someone on hand to help you with grooming? How can you prepare younger members of the family for the shoot?
  5. Full-time photographers: Does your studio employ full-time photographers? In other words, are these professional people who will have the necessary know-how to do the best possible job? Skilled people are more likely to have the experience required to deliver a product that will stand the test of time.
  6. Wardrobe and Make-up: You’ve selected the portrait studio near Sydney North Shore that you prefer, at a convenient time for all involved. Do take the time to ensure that you have your wardrobe ready. Ask the portrait studio what will work under the lights – they are sure to know what will help you put your best foot forward in front of the camera. When taking a family photo, natural-looking make-up may be the way to go.

Our portrait studio in Artarmon caters to families of all sizes. We have permanent photographers on staff that have the experience to help you make all these important decisions. Our selection of packages makes it easy to see what is included in the price and what isn’t. We love helping you prepare to make your photos outstanding – after all, the product is a testament to the quality of our work. We love working with families and building lasting relationships. Contact Orpico today to find out more about how we can help you create visual memories.

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