Maternity and Newborn Photography Studio Delivers Outstanding Work

There are so many details to take care of while you are expecting. While you need to take care of your own needs and prepare for the precious little bundle coming your way, you also want to capture these moments. You want to show your little one when the time comes – this is when we were pregnant with you, see how absolutely thrilled we were that you were on your way?

Booking a maternity photoshoot takes some planning. Both your partner and you should be available on the day with a clear idea of the result. Take your time to choose a studio that will make sure they understand your needs. Picking the right company now will ensure that you have maternity and newborn photography covered for all your kids! Working with a studio who loves working with tiny people will make the experience so much more enjoyable for parents and babies.

Look for a studio that is willing to discuss your ideas and help you realise the picture you have in mind. Remember as well, that professional photographers can offer excellent advice on how to shoot this very special journey. Studio photos provide so much more than your day-to-day to snaps on your mobile phone.

Excellent Maternity Photography

Orpico has opened a maternity photography studio that is making waves. Not only do we have a dedicated space, but we also offer a variety of printed keepsake options including:

  • Glassless Frames – All prints used with glassless frames have a protective coating to guard against dust and moisture and preserve your precious memories. Going without pixie glass can give visual depth to photographs and removes distracting reflections.
  • Framed Canvas – We offer quality photo prints on stretched canvas in a real wood frame, available in espresso, white or black. We do all printing professionally, and every canvas has a protective coating to ensure longevity.
  • Crystal Plaque – Manufactured in pristine hardened glass, this print option results in a sturdy one-piece construction that is toddler proof. Perfect for the coffee table or your desk at work. A variety of sizes are available in this option.
  • Flush Mount Album – Printed on silver halide photo paper the pages won’t fade or discolour. All our albums feature a spill and stain proof coating. The books are robust and durable – ready to stand the test of time. No wonder this is the photobook of choice.

Choose a Package that Compliments Your Vision

For your convenience, we crafted a set of maternity, family, and newborn packages that we find work best for most people. Of course, feel free to discuss with us any other options you may want to add. Visiting a photographer is about your memories after all – and we understand that everyone has unique needs.

Our service includes digital retouching after shooting in our solid backdrop studio, set-up with the latest in lighting equipment and technology. We offer packages to suit every budget and vision. Let us help you capture your special moments. Don’t delay — contact Orpico Studio today to secure your booking.

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